Right after the parliamentary primaries for the Npp in Dome-Kwabenya Constituency 2020, the then sitting MP and parliamentary candidate elect went missing in the constituency till November when she finally resurfaced.

In the heat of the campaign which she started very late Adwoa Safo went to Dome Market and told them that she has not been coming around to campaign because she was pregnant and that she was going to give them a victory baby.

She won the seat and the night of 6th January 2021 she was seen colourfully dressed in parliamentary to elect a new Speaker of Parliament, which her Party’s nomination of Honourable Aaron Mike Oquaye lost the contest to current speaker Honorable Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin. Allegations of Adwoa Safo voting for Honourable Bagbin against her Party’s choice of Honourable Oquaye became a topic of discussion for weeks.

During her vetting for Gender minister Adwoa Safo accepted she had recently given birth when Honourable Mohammed Muntaka of Asawase constituency said they will not waste much of her time because she has delivered recently and had to go and take care of the baby.

Our engagements with some delegates and constituency members of Dome Kwabenya indicate that in recent times, she has been telling people of her constituency that one of the reasons why she abandoned her job as a Minister and their MP was that she lost her baby. This prompted people of her constituency to start asking questions of the death of the baby and the pregnancy.

Her constituency is asking when she gave birth? Since 6th January, when she was seen in parliamentary, she wasn’t pregnant as she told her constituency.

If indeed she had given birth, nobody seems to know or hear of it? Remember, her wedding was a private one, but before the program ended, pictures were all over social.

Where did she give birth? In Ghana or abroad? Our checks indicate she never travelled outside the shores of the country from November 2020 and after her vetting. So that means she gave birth in Ghana. Which hospital did she deliver, or did she deliver at home?

When did the baby die? It can not be in her womb because at vetting, she said she was going to take care of the baby. Did the baby die before she abandoned her post as a minister and a member of parliament and left for America? Did she travel with the baby to America and the baby died there?

Sources within her constituency claim she faked the pregnancy just to cover up her ineffectiveness and absence during the campaign, which her contender Mike Oquaye Jnr, then High Commissioner to India and current CEO of Freezones was seen around organising party members.

Audios and screenshots of chats ongoing on their constituency platforms concerning this very topic have been delivered to us, and in our next episode, we will be sharing some of them with our readers.



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