Kwami Fortune’s Pitch Buzz Is Set To Help And Empower Young Creatives.


Discover how Kwami Fortune’s Pitch Buzz is transforming the media landscape, providing young and independent creatives with the tools they need to succeed. Pitch Buzz is your gateway to gaining the recognition you deserve.

Meet Kwami Fortune: A Visionary PR Professional

Kwami Fortune, a seasoned PR expert, founded Pitch Buzz to champion emerging talents. With years of experience, he understands the challenges creatives face in the competitive media industry.

Pitch Buzz Services: Your Path to Success

Publicity: We leverage our extensive media network and PR expertise to ensure your work gets noticed.
Music Publishing: Protect your music and reach a global audience with our comprehensive publishing services.
Marketing: We boost your online presence through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and social media campaigns.
Collaboration is Key

We tailor our services to your unique needs, fostering a supportive community that goes beyond client-provider relationships.

Join the Pitch Buzz Movement

Pitch Buzz levels the playing field, making talent and passion the true markers of success. Join us as we turn dreams into reality, one pitch at a time.


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