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Nugs Call For On-campus Vote Transfer Centers Ensuring No Student Is Disenfranchised.

On June 10, 2024, the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) led by the 57th President, Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel gathered the media and stakeholders to address a matter of Vote Transfer Centers in tertiary institutions.

The NUGS according to the president, petitioned the Electoral Commission of Ghana, urging them to consider the request to set up voter registration centers on university campuses. The petition according to the union led by the president was a call for action to ensure that the rights of students to participate in the democratic process are not hindered by logistical and financial challenges.

The president said “ Our request stems from a genuine concern for the thousands of students who, while pursuing their educational goals, may find themselves unable to vote in their designated constituencies.”

This situation is due to the simple fact that many students study far from their hometowns and places of residence.

It is imperative that these students, who are contributing to the development of our nation through their education, are not neglected in a major decision-making exercise that shapes the future of Ghana.

As part of our oversight function, The union identified several key difficulties faced by students regarding voter registration.

Firstly, Distance to Registration Centers. Many educational institutions are located far from the designated voter registration centers.

This makes it difficult for students to travel and register.
Again, he therefore spoke on Financial Constraints. He said “ The cost of traveling to these centers can be prohibitive for many students, who already face financial pressures related to their education.”

Moreover, the president spoke about Examination Schedules saying Students often find themselves unable to engage in voter registration due to conflicting examination dates and academic commitments.
Lastly he emphasized on Systemic Pressure where the current voter registration system places undue pressure on students, who must balance their educational demands with the need to register to vote.
According to the NUGS president, their petition is firmly rooted in the legal and constitutional framework of Ghana.

We draw attention to Section 12 (1) of the Electoral Commission Act, which mandates the Commission to make regulations for the registration of voters, including provisions for voting by proxy and the issue of identity cards.

Furthermore, Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution guarantees every citizen of Ghana, aged eighteen and above. the right to vote.

Article 45 and Article 46 of the Constitution empower the Electoral Commission to make regulations for the transfer of votes, ensuring that no citizen is disenfranchised.



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