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How Rema Changed The Life Of A Nigerian Dancer.

How Rema Changed the Life of a Nigerian Dancer Forever.

A Nigerian lady named Pride Ivy has taken to her social media to express gratitude and thanks to Rema for changing her life by featuring her in the official video for his hit song “Charm.”

According to the lady, she was just dancing and posting on Facebook when coincidentally Rema saw her video and wanted to feature her in his “Charm” music video.

When she received the message from Marvin Records, she was overwhelmed with joy. She was paid millions, and the official video was perfect thanks to her performance. She received many applause on social media and grew to 700k followers in less than a year. A few months later, Rema was having a show at the busiest entertainment arena in the world, O2 London, and guess what? Rema asked his team to bring the girl along.

Everything from her flight to lodging was sponsored by Marvin Records, and she had the chance to perform at the O2 with Rema in London in front of over 20,000 people.

She then came back and continued making her videos, which gained millions of views and several vendor deals. And she’s now closing 1 million followers on Facebook.

She has taken to her social media to thank Rema and Marvin Records for such an opportunity and advises young people out there to keep working and putting their things online because people are watching.

If there is one thing we can always say about Rema, it will be the fact that he loves art and respects every creative person out here. From graphics designers to dancers to video graphics, everything about his branding is always different and very solid. He treats his music as art and always makes sure every creative person he works with gets respected and paid well.



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