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Nana Aba Anamoah And Serwaa Amihere Wanted To Bite From Henry Fitz Instead Of Exposing Him – Celebrities Buzz Reveals

Nana Aba Anamoah And Serwaa Amihere Wanted To Bite From Henry Fitz Instead Of Exposing Him Celebrities Buzz Reveals via Facebook Post.

Me, I am biased when it comes to people I genuinely like. I never talk badly about Nana Aba and Serwaa. When people I like are being chastised in this manner and they are wrong, I prefer not to speak because there are enough juries on their case.

We defended them when they were accused in the past without evidence, we can’t now. They have got us.

I liked Nana Aba from the very beginning of her career, from when she was turned down by Metro TV for not being telegenic enough to when she was appointed by TV and rose to become the best TV newscaster in Ghana.

I was the Communications Director for RTP Awards when she won the TV Personality of the year, and not many people disputed the fact that she deserved to win it.

Serwaa has also done well in this respect; we saw her start, and we have seen her grow. We cannot dispute the fact that they are hardworking.

One issue I have is journalists becoming celebrities and chasing celebrity lifestyles. That is not how we were trained; that is not how we were made to view the profession. A journalist should be like a civil servant, not poor, not flamboyant, and not even so popular. Your work must be seen more than you, the person behind it.

Unfortunately, journalists today are brand ambassadors, something ethically frowned upon. If you advertise for MTN, you definitely cannot expose MTN when you find them doing something wrong.

At the heart of journalism are credibility and modesty; you can check that with the GTV style. You need to appeal to all categories of viewers; your very outlook counts, especially on TV.

Today, journalists want to compete in fashion; they want to drive the biggest cars and not just be the source of the news but be the news itself.

This is where the problem starts; the profession won’t pay you that much to create and sustain such a lifestyle, so you need an alternative.

That is where association with corrupt politicians, fraudsters, and other dubious characters becomes common.

The Henry guy’s source of wealth is obviously questionable, Nana Aba and co know this. The only time a journalist should associate with such persons is to expose their dubious dealings, but no, they wanted a bite from the spoils because that would aid in footing bills needed to actualize the very expensive public outlook they have created.

The quest to compete with celebrities has forced most journalists to associate with the very people they should expose. In any case, clean people won’t spend so much money on journalists; it’s mostly those with something to hide.

Journalists must accept their place in society. I may not be a good enough example, but when I realized that I am so strongly opinionated, I decided to quit for good. I have had several openings, but I can’t just report the news; I have a say. Many journalists don’t mind being political commentators in addition to reporting the news. There is everything wrong with it. I’m a sucker for journalism ethics because bending the rules kills the profession.

Kwame Sefa Kaye has not been seen in the same light since accepting the government job, same as Paul Adam Ochere. That’s not the right way to do the job.

Once that happens, then the door is opened for people to use the profession as a smokescreen to cover up their real source of income.

Those who elect themselves to check the ills of society must represent higher standards.

We have seen Nana Aba worked too hard over the years for her to be seen or even suspected to associate with such characters.

Now, she won’t be seen in the same light, and the only reason EIB would be obliged to keep them is that during the company’s difficult times, when everyone was leaving, they stayed.

Their prospect in an alternative reputatable Media House has considerably reduced despite their undoubted competence.

There are not many standard bearers in the profession any longer,

Let what you earn from whatever you do legitimately be enough to feed you.

When the devil feed you, your vomit would expose you.

I’m very sad, I don’t like people go down or see the recognition they deserve eroded in this manner.

In the end though, there is a price to every shortcut.

Credit: Kofi Kyei



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